[aldmeri dominion]Narrowing Down The Elder Scrolls 6’s Location By Process of Elimination

  There are some key ways fans can narrow down the possible location of The Elder Scrolls 6, showing which provinces are more likely than others.

  By Charlie Stewart

  Published Jun 15, 2021



  It has been three years since?the reveal of The Elder Scrolls 6, and Bethesda is still yet to announce the setting of the game. While some optimistic?fans are hoping for news about the iconic fantasy franchise?soon, they are likely to be waiting even longer as Bethesda puts upcoming projects like?Starfield under?the spotlight.

  It’s unlikely that the franchise will take fans back to any of the locations featured in the last three games: Skyrim, Cyrodiil, and Vvardenfell. However, there are also some other potential provinces?for?The Elder Scrolls 6 that can likely be eliminated, narrowing down the list of possible settings to give fans a good idea of the likeliest locations.

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  Although Elsweyr finally got a chance to shine in The Elder Scrolls Online expansion of the same name, the Khajiit province is unlikely to appear in The Elder Scrolls 6.?In fact, the focus on the province in the Elder Scrolls Online expansion is unlikely to have been approved if Elsweyr was planned as the setting for the next game.

  The Khajiit homeland would likely be considered a hard sell for a main game. Tamriel’s cat-men come in all shapes and sizes, from giant sapient battle-cats to Wood Elf-like hybrids. While the setting might appeal to fans of the Khajiit, the sheer weirdness of Elsweyr could stand to alienate other players, particularly compared to Skyrim’s far more standard Viking theme. Simply put, the province may be too strange for a main installment of the series.



  Black Marsh, home of the Argonians, faces many of the same challenges as Elsweyr. Home to Tamriel’s other main Beastfolk race, Black Marsh could risk centering one of Tamriel’s stranger?sides too prominently, pushing away fans looking for a more standard fantasy experience.

  Tackling Black Marsh would require Bethesda to dive into confusing aspects of the lore like the Hist, the sentient trees with an inherent connection to the Argonians.?The Elder Scrolls 3 took the series the furthest from standard medieval fantasy aesthetics that is has ever gone, but even Morrowind stuck to?Tamriel’s?version of the Dark Elves, still a fantasy staple. For better or worse, Oblivion and Skyrim focused on more generic fantasy settings, and The Elder Scrolls 6 is likely to follow suit.


  The Elder Scrolls Valenwood

  Valenwood has the makings of a good candidate for The Elder Scrolls 6’s setting. There are some interesting parts of the lore that could be realized by the time the next game comes out, like the province’s?migrating cities. The most damning piece of evidence against the existence of The Elder Scrolls 6: Valenwood once again comes from The Elder Scrolls Online.

  The Elder Scrolls Online only depicts certain regions of certain provinces. Though the MMO has slowly added to the world over time, there are still major parts of Tamriel which are totally inaccessible. Most of central Skyrim and large parts of Hammerfell have been left untouched, for example. The same can not be said for Valenwood, which is divided into four zones in?Elder Scrolls Online covering the entirety of the province.


  The Elder Scrolls 6 could render its own take on Valenwood, increase the scale, and show the province at another point of Tamriel’s history. However, as?with Elsweyr it seems unlikely that Bethesda Game Studios would have allowed Valenwood to be brought to life in full if it was planned as the setting for the sixth game.

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  The Elder Scrolls Dwemer Summerset

  The heartland of the Aldmeri Dominion,?the Summerset Isles, could be a fascinating setting for the next game. Players could feel like they’re behind enemy lines, foiling the Thalmor’s schemes from the inside out. Unfortunately as with Valenwood, the entire region has already been explored in Elder Scrolls Online.


  The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset dived into the province head first. As with The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, the title of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset makes The Elder Scrolls 6: Summerset unlikely to be the plan. Both the Summerset and Elsweyr expansions released within a year of The Elder Scrolls 6’s announcement back in 2018,?which BGS again would have been unlikely to approve if either one was planned as The Elder Scrolls 6’s setting.

  Map Of High Rock From The Elder Scrolls

  High Rock may be one of the most likely settings for The Elder Scrolls 6. Like Skyrim and Cyrodiil, it’s a primarily human province, giving it a more accessible foundation than the Mer of Beastfolk provinces. Many fans believe that the landscape shown in The Elder Scrolls 6’s trailer resembled descriptions of High Rock. However, the province, like Summerset and Valenwood, is also depicted almost in its entirety in The Elder Scrolls Online.


  Even the borderlands between High Rock and Skyrim were explored in Elder Scrolls Online: Wrothgar, taking players to the Orc-populated areas of Tamriel for the first time. High Rock isn’t out of the question, but this certainly makes it less likely.

  elder scrolls online hammerfell

  Hammerfell is one of the toughest Elder Scrolls 6 settings to argue against, and has been a frontrunner in the minds of many fans since the sixth game’s announcement. The Redguard province avoids almost every pitfall the other possible locations fall into. It is a human province, making it accessible and easier to market.?Huge central parts of the province have been left untouched by the MMO and its expansions so far. An image released?by Bethesda earlier this year even showed a light over Hammerfell, only making speculation more intense.


  The region also?has connections to Skyrim’s story. Like the northern province, Hammerfell’s relationship with the peace established between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion is particularly fraught, and it was released as an Imperial province. Hammerfell is a geographically diverse area with everything from pirate ports to extensive Dwemer ruins. Of all the settings speculated to have been chosen for The Elder Scrolls 6, Hammerfell still arguably remains the most likely. Whether or not fans will get confirmation any time soon, however, remains to be seen.

  The Elder Scrolls 6?is in development.


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