[Brawl Stars]Free boxes and skins up for grabs in Brawl Stars to celebrate one-year anniversary of China release

  Players all around the world will receive a Mega Box for free to celebrate Brawl Stars’ first anniversary in China.

  It will be available for 21 days, and offers good chances for the players to unlock a Mythric brawler. Those who already unlock most of the Brawlers might even get the latest-released character Squeak, on top of many coins and power points to level up the various Brawlers.

  We actually can’t wait to show you the skin we’ve prepared for you all

  Mega Box Darryl will be the last gift of the giveaway! pic.twitter.com/c9zVmlHwKO

  — Brawl Stars (@BrawlStars) June 9, 2021

  Besides the Mega Box, Supercell is offering nine daily gifts to the players, including a free skin of Darryl. The event-exclusive skin will turn Darryl into a mega box with a gem on it. Since it’ll be the last reward of the mini-event, it’ll likely appear in the shop around June, 17. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely he’ll drop loot when he’s eliminated in matches, though.

  On top of those gifts, offers have popped up on the shop. For $5.49, the players can buy a set of 30 gems, 450 coins, and four Mega Boxes. For $16.99, 130 gems, 2,500 coins, and ten Mega Boxes can get purchased. Both offers will only stany for two days, however.

  Meanwhile, season six, The Goldarm Gang, which introduced Brawlers Belle and Squeak, still has 11 days to go. Despite its end quickly approaching, Supercell has yet to reveal details about the next season to be introduced. More information will likely become available in the coming days.