[can you change your appearance in destiny 2]5 Reasons Samantar 2 On MX Player Should Be On Your Binge-Watch List For The Weekend

  How often have you tried to control what’s going to happen, only to know that the future cannot be controlled

  Meet Kumar Mahajan who is on a quest to alter his destiny, but his best-laid plans seem to go awry when a mysterious woman enters his life.?

  The highly anticipated MX Original Series, Samantar is back with Season 2 with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Starring Swwapnil Joshi who reprises his role from the previous series as Kumar Mahajan, Samantar 2 sees him come face to face with Sudarshan Chakrapani (Played by Nitish Bharadwaj), a man who has already lead Kumar’s life and can tell him what the future holds. Kumar is handed over a diary that predicts his future but despite reading the same, Kumar’s life seems to spiral out of control.?

  Here’s the trailer for the second season!

  Need more reasons to watch it? We have 5!

  We all saw Kumar’s quest in trying to find Sudarshan Chakrapani. Once found, we thought Kumar will be able to achieve the best that life has to offer, but little did he know that an ordeal filled with mysterious happenings awaits him in the pages of Chakrapani’s diary.

  Knowing what is coming in your future may sound exciting but can you imagine changing what the future holds? This is a concept that makes for a one-of-a-kind thriller.

  We all love a good edge-of-the-seat thrill-induced show, especially when the ensemble cast is packed by powerhouses like Swwapnil Joshi, Nitish Bharadwaj, Sai Tamhankar, and Tejaswini Pandit who represent some of the best actors in the entertainment industry.

  The show keeps showing a mystery woman in Kumar’s life. We’re all super excited to see the enigmatic character brought to life by Sai Tamhankar. Is she going to be a good influence on Kumar? Why is she seen with Chakrapani as well? Is there a love triangle between Kumar, his wife Nima (Tejaswini Pandit) and this other woman? Is her role going to add more twists to his fate or is she going to bring more disarray in this chapter of Kumar’s life? Don’t you want to know too?

  The show was originally filmed in Marathi. But don’t worry because it’s dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. So, no matter where you’re from, this show will get you.

  Stream all episodes of Samantar 2 for free on MX Player now.?