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Decrypt Valheim: Why the Temple of Valor has become a dark horse, and will log in to the PS hairstyle at the same time

In these days when games such as “Ghost Valley”, “Dyson Ball Project” and “Fireworks” dominate the Steam game sales list, an exotic game quietly climbed onto the rankings, and even won Steam sales. At the top of the list, this game is-“Valheim: Temple of Valor”.

Although Steam will always have dark horse games suddenly emerge, the momentum of this game still confuses many players. What kind of charm does it have to top the sales charts in just a few days, and achieve extremely high simultaneous online Number of people.

What makes me even more puzzled is that this game is not even made by a major company. The content and themes of the game are not rare. Why everyone is rushing into the game like crazy, just because it is like 10 years ago Is the game character modeling and game picture quality? Today we will analyze this unexpected dark horse game-“Valheim: Temple of Valor”.

Rough but comfortable picture quality

When I first looked at the game, I believe that most players will be like me. I can’t believe that this is the game of 2021. This modeling is really outrageous. Normally, game modeling is always for excellence, and will try to make the character’s face invisible to the square edges and corners. The triangular chest of Lara Croft “Tomb Raider” is a typical example. But this game goes the other way, but has made an angular character model. In this era where the most subtleties are emphasized, it is like a rebel.

Interesting and rich mechanism

“Valheim: Hall of Valor” is a very comprehensive game, because its survival attributes make it take into account all aspects of the game as a whole. From collecting resources to building houses, the game arranges the player in every detail, so that every time the player wakes up, they can feel that the character is living in this sense of reality. This is similar to the previous two games, “Green Hell” and “Forest”, which are also the natural survival of the forest, emphasizing the real living environment.

Compared with the two games of “Green Hell” and “Forest”, the survival of “Valheim: Temple of Valor” is so open and informal.

Brutal and turbulent culture

Viking culture and other Nordic cultures have recently become savory pastries adapted by manufacturers. For example, Ubisoft has two games involving Viking culture, “For Honor” and “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor,” and “God of War 4”. The content of Nordic mythology is boldly activated, and most of the gods in it also have the unique wild style of Nordic.

The idea of the Hall of Valkyrie is actually a kind of respect for the identity of the Viking warriors. They believe that the glorious warriors who died will enter the Hall of Valkyrie, where Odin, the father of the gods, and Valkyrie, the Valkyrie, will greet them. The role of the Hall of Valor is to gather talents who are good at fighting and reserve talents so that Odin will have the power to fight side by side when the gods are twilight. Therefore, the daily routine of the Hall of Valor is combat training, and if you gather for booze at night, the injuries on your body will disappear.