Loop Hero’s 1.1 update adds mid-game saves and a fast-forward button

Charming micro-RPG Loop Hero‘s first major update is here, and will finally let you save your progress in the middle of a run.

Dropping on Steam earlier this week, Update 1.1 arrives with several quality-of-life fixes to better manage your recursive roguelike runs. On top of the ability to save mid-run, a new speed up option lets you fast-forward expeditions at 4x speed, and play battles at a brisk 2.5x speed.

This week’s update also lets you escape touchy fights by trading 30% of your resources. Better tools for managing your inventory and decks have been added, along with three new tiles and two new baddies.

Evan properly enjoyed Four Quarters’ looping dungeon crawler, calling it the “rehydrated essence of a dozen misremembered, ancient games” in his Loop Hero review.

“Loop Hero is the concentrated experience of watching numbers get bigger in a video game, but a grimly enchanting one at that. It’s a pleasant format, and maybe Loop Hero’s biggest point of success is that it makes a home in this middle zone between watching, planning, and acting.”