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“Top 10 Anime Betrayals” speaks to anime’s tendency to create jarring and impactful narratives as it meets the internet’s devotion to Top 10 lists.

By Sean Cubillas

Published 17 hours ago


It’s a little meta to categorize a meme that is literally about categorization, but that’s the fun thing about meme culture nowadays. It’s a cultural art form that always finds a way to be as post-post-postmodern as possible and tirelessly tries to cannibalize itself which, in a larger sense, is seen in this meme format: “anime betraying” itself.

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In an interesting cross-section between mediums, “Top 10 Anime Betrayals” speaks to anime’s tendency to create jarring and impactful narratives as it meets the internet’s tireless devotion to Top 10 lists and ranking everything.?From this came one of today’s most viral and hilarious meme formats yet that, in the right hands, can beautifully make fun of pop culture and its tendency of over-exaggeration.


Lando Calrissian In The Anime Betrayal Format

Lando Calrissian?managed to capture, break, and take back hearts, all within the span of a couple of hours. Despite not having anywhere near as much screen time as the trilogy’s main cast, Lando Calrissian still remains one of the most well-remembered and impactful characters from Star Wars.

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As soon as one of Cloud City’s most prominent leaders stepped onto the scene, everyone could feel how cool and confidant he was, only to have those expectations shattered and challenged once people saw him next to Darth Vader. It’s a betrayal that few saw coming that still forces many fans today to have trust issues with Lando.

Someone Cries In Front Of A Closed McDonalds

It’s almost like reading a Greek tragedy. Many loyal customers still feel aggravated that the fast-food conglomerate took so long to make their breakfast menu 24/7, only to feel betrayed when they only released a limited menu.?Others anguish the limited release of beloved, seasonal items such as the McRib or Shamrock Shake.

Still, none can be as heartbreaking as seeing a franchise break the literal eternal promise: 24/7 service.?What can be more tragic than not being able to go to the restaurant that people go to when other restaurants are closed?


Greg Heffley Passes A Note In The Anime Betrayal Format

Cartoonists typically utilize 3 to 4 panels to tell a good joke, but the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise always had a knack for efficiently capturing childhood foibles. Greg Heffley in particular is famous for?setting himself up?to be the butt of everyone else’s jokes. Within his pre-pubescent delusions of grandeur, Greg can’t see the forest for the trees as he blindly navigates between fads and events.

The above is the perfect encapsulation of Greg being the outside man despite his own self-perception of popularity. In short, it’s hilarious seeing Greg proudly hold a note roasting him.

Angry Guy In Anime Betrayal Format

As powerful as memes can be, they can never truly replace the meaningful relationships that make life worth living. Unfortunately, that truth alone is not enough to prevent a few, proud meme lords from trying. In a cruel twist of fate, the very thing that can make some memers popular may be the very thing fueling the deception and betrayal around them.

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The madness is enough to make one think: Are memes truly connecting people or are they just better hidden walls for hiding society from reality? If anything, making memes is a dangerous game.


Always Has Been Meme In Anime Betrayal Meme Format

In a crossover episode for the ages, the “Always Has Been” meme meets the “Top 10 Anime Betrayals” meme. At their core, they’re the same meme. They have the same palpable sense of tragedy and confusion and can be connected with almost any grand epiphany across media.

The “Anime Betrayal” meme is a much more flexible meme since it’s more of a caption than a graphic. The “Always Has Been” meme on the other hand is a hilariously abstract meme that has inspired some truly creative incarnations. When the two meet, who knows where the internet could take them?

Finn Betrays The Storm Troopers In Anime Betrayal Meme Format

A new generation for Star Wars means a new generation of friends, foes, and shifting alliances. The Force Awakens starts things off right by having a?stormtrooper of all things escape the First Order to join the resistance.

That dynamic alone can draw seats to the theater, and it’s masterfully done with John Boyega taking on the role of FN-2187, aka Finn. Showing that truly anyone can be the master of their own fate, Finn sheds the oppressive bindings of a blind army to create his own adventure.


Spongebob Holding Two Chocolate Bars In Anime Betrayal Meme Format

Here is an impactful image for anyone who grew up with Nickelodeon’s iconic series. The image doesn’t give away too much yet everyone can feel the tension of the scene and understand how misguided SpongeBob’s smile is here. For the uninitiated, this is from the episode “Life of Crime” and focuses on the scene where SpongeBob and Patrick try to share a couple of chocolate bars.

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While one could explain it, any written explanation would be doing a disservice for how surreal and hilarious this moment truly is and how betrayed Patrick felt here.

Comment Section For Kid That Looks Like Sid From Toy Story

To be fair, this kid does seem to be at least drawing from the iconic look of one of Pixar’s most memorable and iconic characters, Sid. Who could forget that shaven head and…nothing else? While SwizzleDude does make some excellent comparisons and points, there’s no point in challenging the kid’s authority here.

That’s just too much legal responsibility for a comment section. However, there will be people tossing and turning in bed tonight over whether or not that is the creepy kid from Toy Story.


Elon Musk Breaks The Tesla Trucks Window In Anime Betrayal Format

Elon Musk’s press event for his company’s new Cybertruck was a sight to behold. Even heavy-duty automobiles can enjoy the same luxuries and innovations as the rest of Tesla’s futuristic cars while still being truck price. Now if only the event went smoother.

Sitting beside the spectacle is a line of infamy that has drawn attention to two things: 1) the truck looks like it was rendered by PS2 era polygons 2) the windows were not as durable as Elon had thought. While it would be hard to tell just how reliable the truck will actually be once it’s released, it didn’t do Elon any favors when he tested the strength of the windows.

Cuphead and Mugman Eating Apples In Front Of Mac In Anime Betrayal Format

The story of Cuphead and its development company, Studio MDHR, is one of dreamers and hope. With little backing and ambitious art demands, Cuphead’s creators sacrificed nearly everything and worked their butts off to create one of the most beautiful yet memorably challenging games within recent memory.

Since its initial release, Studio MDHR has been able to release their game on multiple platforms. This includes Apple computers who decided to celebrate the occasion with a new friend for Cuphead and Mugman. Unfortunately, the group’s first meeting didn’t go well.

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