[FINAL FANTASY XIV: ENDWALKER]FF series The first mobile game Final Fantasy Brigade ended in 2020

  Square Enix is a community game operated in the Mobage platform “Final Fantasy Brigade Break the Sep” announced thatIt is expected to end the operation on March 31, 2020.


  This is the first mobile phone platform community game in the Final Fantasy series.In addition to the “Final Fantasy” series, familiar monsters, occupations, skills, etc.Players will also play the adventurers who have a speed boat in the game.Compose “Air Boats” with friends.Cardi-hearted to explore a wide range of regions,Strengthen the flying velocker as the target with the task of completing the colorful task.


  ”Final Fantasy Brigade” is launched in 2012 by Square Enix and Dena in Japan Functional Mobile Edition Social Group Game Platform “Mobage”,Then open the smart phone and the version of the web games, and the 2013 game ushered in a comprehensive update.Re-exposure with the name of “Final Fantasy Brigade Break The Sep”; the final official announced on March 31, 2020,The game will follow the period after 8 years of time.


  Official expressionInternal goods “Monogao Coin (モグコ モグコ))” will stop selling on February 28, 2020,After the end of the operation, the player will be exchanged in the monument of Montecao Coin into cash or Mobage dedicated currency “Mobacoin”,Details of the refund will be announced further after the end of the operation.Please refer to the announcement in the game for details.