[Halo Infinite]Microsoft announced the launch of Xbox Series X in November,Halo Infinite is postponed until 2021 released

  [Extreme Refreshment]Since Microsoft’s first display “Project Scarlett” game console, after more than a year,Microsoft today announced that the Xbox Series X Game Console will be released in November.Microsoft said that it will release “four generations of compatible thousands of games”,It also includes 50 “new” new games that are scheduled to be released this year.


  but,The first perspective of the most expective shooting game Halo Infinite is not released here.And said that it has been postponed until 2021 release.Since the Halo Infinite premiere premiere of a few weeks, it is kindly,Developer 343 will further optimize the game experience.


  Halo also said that “due to many causes of the epidemic have been postponed”.Postponed release for Microsoft is a blow,After all, this game is intended to be released with Series X.


  Unlike almost all game consoles before,Xbox Series X will not focus on exclusive games that require new game devices.It is possible to run simultaneously on Xbox One and Series X,And you can optimize the game on a new device.


  In addition,Microsoft also promises to launch at least 40 “new optimization” classic games that make full use of Xbox Series X advantages.Including Legend 2 (Destiny 2), Extreme Racing: Skyline 4 (Forza Horizon 4), War Machine 5 (Gears 5), Ori and Will of The Wisps and “Madden Rugby 21 (Madden NFL 21), etc.


  The Xbox Series X is used by the Smart Delivery system.You can use the game at a time, you can use all Xbox.And Microsoft has confirmed,Assassin’s creed, dust 5, war machines and other games will use the system.


  Unlike SONY’s PS5,Xbox Series X will remain compatible with all the previous versions of the Xbox ONE accessory.And Microsoft also emphasizes the downward compatibility of the X series.Even the original version of Xbox can be compatible.The new Xbox Series X also optimizes 4K resolution,HDR color and double frame rate,Strive to make a more perfect show.

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