[Cyber Shadow][MG Cyber Series or listed in the fourth quarter of this year]

  According to recent reports,The Fa’s Fa is announced at the latest press conference to add another new sub-brand-cyber, which except the tide series.According to the current situation,The first model of this series will be officially launched in this winter.


  The first thing I learned is that it is,The first model of this first is SUV.From the officially available news,March will then be divided into tide series and CYBE series.At present, the cars sold on the market are well-known tide series; while the Cyber series is dominated by highlight youth, sports. CyBerster is a pure electric concept car based on a new architecture.Not only is a sports car with a scientific and technological style with very science and avant-garde.And marking the AC’s official entry of electricity, intelligent.

  CyBerster This conceptual sports car is designed in the design,The head portion has always been used by the round light used by MG, with an elongated grille,Plus the natural feeling of the radical free lacca and the extremely obvious marker.The combination shaped the face of the front of the head.


  The new car is based on the research and development and use of non-die battery pack technology.It has reached a battery life as high as 800 kilometers.at the same time,It is also matched with a HAIR-PIN card issuer, which is developed by March.This new model is fully capable of achieving an acceleration time of 0 to 100 kilometers / hour, only a short 3 seconds.In general,This is a super-sports car that is pure electric, intelligent into one.

  At the same time, the choice of the car is also learned from the official.March is prepared to launch crowdfunding activities during the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, 2021.Will you decide whether to mass production of this Cyber Series 50 million.Are you looking forward to?(Editor: 66)

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