China Real Estate News Summary March Journal (below)


  01, Zhongtai Securities intends to purchase the Shanghai Greenland Bund Center Office Building

  Zhongtai Securities Plans to Purchase An Office Building At Greenland Bund

  March 23: Zhongtai Securities Co., Ltd. (600918.SH) release announcement,It is known as the full-owned subsidiary Qilin Thai Property Co., Ltd.Without RMB 27.3.5 billion yuan to purchase office buildings in the central office of Shanghai Greenland Bund.Greenland Bund Center project has a total construction area of 1.2 million square meters.Including a total of about 460,000 square meters of super high-end landmarks and office buildings of high-end corporate headquarters.

  On 23 March: Zhongtai Securities Company Limited (600918.SH) Announced That ITS Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, QILU ZHONGTAI PROPERTY Company LIMITED ACQUIRED Office Spaces in Greenland Bund Project, Shanghai for Less Than Rmb2.735 BILLION. Greenland Bund Project Has A Total GFA OF 1.2 Million SQM, Comprising Several High-Rise Landmarks and High-end Enterprise Headquarters Office Buildings with a Total GFA of 0.46 Million SQM.

  02, Xinyi China and Quadreal set up China Logistics Fund

  Ne China Partners with Quadreal To Set Up CHINESE LOGISTICS FUND

  March 30: As the leading intelligent logistics infrastructure platform,Xinyi China announced today to establish a $ 1 billion in the total investment of $ 1 billion in the total investment of $ 1 billion in the total investment of $ 1 billion in the establishment of the QADREAL PROPERTY GROUP.The fund will invest in a leading high-standard logistics infrastructure development project in the first and second-line cities in China.The first seed project of the Fund is located in Suzhou City.Positioned as a long triangular regional logistics distribution center,Planned to develop a high standard logistics facility of about 140,000 square meters.

  On 30 march: Ne China, a Leading Intelligent Logistics Infrastructure Platform, Announced ITS Cooperation with Quadreal Property Group To Invest In Our 1st and 2nd Tier Cities in China with a Total Equity Commit of US $ 1 BILLION. The first seed project, Located in Suzhou, Is Expected to Be Developed Into A Regional Distribution Center in yangtze River Delta and planned as a three-storey ramp-up facility with a Total GFA of 140,000 SQM.

  03, Jiazhao Industry acquired Beijing Jiazhao Mode

  Kaisa Acquires Beijing Kaisa Plaza

  March 25: Jiazhao (01638.HK) Announce 3 companies from Guo Yingcheng actually controlled,Upon the acquisition of Yaohui International City Project (ie “Chang’an No. 8” project (ie “Chang’an No. 8), the southeastern corner of Xidawang Road and Jianguo Road, Xidawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.The total cost is RMB 13 billion.July 2013,Guo Yingcheng family returns the project and produces an agent by Jia Zhaofeng.After the Kaisa Debt Recombination,The “Beijing Jiazhao Industry Plaza” after 2017 is announced to be completed.The project body is 250,000 square meters.Cover business, hotel apartments, office buildings, residential, etc.

  On 25 march: kaisa (01638.HK) Announced Its Acquisition of Yaohui International City Tower From The Three Companies Controlled by Kwok Ying Shing for a Total ConsideRATION of Rmb13 Billion. Located to the southeast of the intertion of xidawang road and jianguo road in chaoyang distance, Beijing, The Project Is Previously Known As “Chang’an NO.8”. In july 2013, The Kwok Family Acquid The Project and Appointed Kaisa To Construct and Operate IT. After Kaisa’s Debt Restructuring, The Renovation Project “Beijing Kaisa Plaza” WAS Completed in 2017 with a Total GFA of 250,000 SQM, Covering Retail Stores, Serviced Apartments, Office buildings and residential buildings.

  04, Beijing Changping to create a pharmaceutical health industry park

  Beijing Changping Plans to Develop a Pharmaceutical And Health Industrial Park

  March 23: Changping Life Valley Industry Base launched three or four constructions,Create a one-stop innovation industry ecological park,Improve regional carrying capacity of high-precision projects in the field of medical health.The total planned area of the industrial base is about 430,000 square meters.Divided into four development and construction,One or two issues are conversion on the basis of Sino-Science Garden,200,000 square meters of space carrier has entered the well-known biomedical enterprises such as Sun Guangnuo and Yingke Rui, and Canto Medical.And Tencent Earth Top, China Tower Beijing Branch, Zhixi Technology and other high-tech enterprises.

  On 23 March: The Changping Life Valley Industrial Base Phase III and IV has started its construction and will be developed into a one-stop innovative industrial park with a goal to improve the regional capacity of high-tech projects in pharmaceutical and health sectors. Divided Into Four Phases, The Industrial Base Has A Total Planned Area of ApproxImately 430,000 SQM, Of which phase I and ii were transformed from the existing z valley, And 200,000-SQM Space Has Been Occupied by Some Well-KNown Biopharmaceutical Companies Including Sun Novo, Increase Pharm, Pins Medical, And Hi-Tech Companies Including LinkTech Navi, China-Tower Beijing Branch, And zhixin technology

  05, the Olympics Group will create high-level complex projects in Guangzhou Baishan Pan

  AOYuan Group Will Build A High-Rise Mixed-Use Project in Baietan of Guangzhou

  March 30: Olympic Group (03883.HK) will settle in the business and construction enterprises headquarters project in Guangzhou Baishan Pan Business District.The group proposed to invest RMB 15 billion,Create 300 meters high-level large-scale project,Focus to create a healthy old-age industry,And plan to introduce famous high-end hotel brands.

  On 30 march: aoyuan group (03883.HK) Will Set Up Headquarters of Commercial and Construction Enterprises in Baietan CBD OF GUANGZHOU. WITH A TOTAL INVESTMENT OF RMB15 BILLION, The Group Plans To Build A 300-Metre High Large-Scale High-Rise Mixed-Use Project, Focusing on building health care industry as well as in Introducing A Famous High-End Hotel Brand.

  06, Geely Space Headquarters settled in Nansha District, Guangzhou

  Gely Locates ITS Aerospace Headquarter in Nansha District of Guangzhou

  March 31: Geely Science and Technology Group intends to set up its national unique space business group headquarters in Nansha District, GUANGZHOU.Floor Nansha project company named Time and Space Explore Technology Co., Ltd.Manage operational time and space road, Ou Technology micro, etc.The output value of the project exceeds RMB 10 billion.

  On 31 March: Gely Technology Group Plans to Set Up ITS Sole National Aerospace Business Headquarter in Nansha District, Guangzhou. Located in nansha, The Project Company Named As Space-Time Exploration Technology CO. – TIME EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd., Will Manage and Operate Core Enterprises Such As Geespace and Spaceok, With the output value exceeding rmb10 billion.

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