[NO GAME NO Life Re Zero]Laughing Society announced the launch of No Game No Life Rejuvenus Dora

  Laughter, Goodsmile, publicity, is a series of POP UP PARADE new products,The theatrical version “No Game No Life Zero” takes a Dora,Official is scheduled to sell in May 2021,China is priced at 239 yuan,Japan is priced at 3545 yen (before tax,The RMB 221).


  POP UP Parade is about 16 cm.The hand operates in the style of theatrical version.Wearing Riraz to cover the loose yellow coil robes sewn by her machine.Two her power source lines are also fluttering between the hair.The faceless face seems to reveal her identity.


  Loubi Dora is the heroine of theatrical version “No Game No Life Zero”,It is the mechanic girl who meets the male protagonist.The appearance is a human girl close to ten years old.Snow skin with long dark hair forms a contrast,And ruby eyes,She is an impeccable beauty.There is a machinery that can be seen everywhere.And two lines such as tail.Usually there is no expression,However, it will protest with expression when dissatisfied and angry.