[Madden NFL 21 PS4 Release Date]S10 champion will be named,The Middle Eastern East Eggs Growth,10th in December, 10 power contributions

  2020 entered an end,E-sports sponsorship still maintains a quite active situation.The biggest news in the past two weeks is the S10 champion DWG team won the sponsors of Kia.Change the name DWG KIA.at the same time,Two sponsors in the Middle East area,This vast e-sports market is developing rapidly.Another thing worth paying attention is that the electricity ranking is moving in the direction of diversification.Participants cooperate in multiple sectors such as data, content, activities, retail.

  Sports of slings are statistics on the following 10-week electricity sponsorship case.

  1. DWG won the sponsorship of Asia,Change this name DWG KIA

  Cooperation type: Temporary sponsorship

  Cooperation period: long-term

  Overview of Cooperation: “League of Legends” S10 champion, South Korea’s electric competition team DWG announced that a week-old title sponsorship contract was signed with Kiao.The cooperation between the two sides will begin since 2021,The DWG will be renamed DWG KIA.And introduced new LOGOs and teams to the upcoming LCK (“League” Korea Division) season.This is the second time in the electrical competition in the electrical competition.Since 2019,They have always been the official partner of the LeC (“League of Legends” European Division).

  Meta Summary: The sponsorship of the team’s title is very common in the electrical industry.As a top team,DWG has numerous fans worldwide,This sponsorship of Kia will greatly enhance their influence,Young people attracting.

  2. FNATIC Establishing cooperation with Kuwait Electronic Products Retailer X-Cite

  Cooperative type: retail cooperation

  Cooperation period: unknown

  Overview of cooperation: European E-sports Club Fnatic and Kuwait’s largest electronic product retailer X-Cite established exclusive retail partnerships.Fnatic’s products will appear in more than 50 stores in Kuwait.Including React Headphones,Ministreak keyboard and new STREAK65 compact keyboard.

  Meta Summary: Consulting Company Newzoo has been investigated,Predicting the number of electricity audiences in the Middle East and Africa will exceed Europe in 2022,Fnatic This will undoubtedly hope that you can enter the Middle Eastern Eastern Equipment.

  3. Jordan Fate Team and German Data Analysis Company Shikenso Analytics reached cooperation

  Cooperative type: Data cooperation

  Cooperation period: unknown

  Overview of Cooperation: Jordan Electric Vention Fate Esports announced that German data analysis company Shikenso Analytics will become new data suppliers,To help assess its sponsorship assets,Includes performance on social media and streaming media channels,This allows Fate to make strategic decisions for existing sponsor and potential sponsors.

  Meta Summary: Fate is an electric competition team that has risen speed in recent years.In “Counter-Strike”, “Jedi Survival”, “Iron Boxing” has participating teams.This cooperation will help Shikenso Analytics to open the Middle Eastern Equipment Market.At the same time, sponsoring assessment companies can also make the sponsorship model of the electricity approach mature.

  4. Esports Entertainment Group established long-term cooperation with NFL Philadelphia Eagle

  Cooperation type: competition cooperation

  Cooperation period: long-term

  Overview of Cooperation: Esports Entertainment Group in Esports Esports Entertainment Group announced the establishment of multi-year partnership with the NFL Philadelphia Eagles.Eeg will use its event platform to host two years of Madden NFL series tournaments. Through this cooperation,The eagle will also become an EEG shareholder.

  Eeg will also cooperate with the old Eagle to promote promotional content.And use the player portraits and team brands to improve the visibility of the electrical competition in the local market.last month,The Esports Entertainment Group also signed a similar agreement with the MLS Major League team Philadelphia Union.

  Meta Summary: Traditional Sports Alliance combined with electricity in the case of the title sponsorship, the establishment of the electric competitor team is mainlyPhiladelphia eagle this time has carried out more in-depth cooperation with Esports Entertainment Group.Through the lack of experience and larger competition platform,Madden NFL’s series of events may receive a better effect.

  5. Optic Chicago reached a cooperation with EGG MAVIX

  Cooperation type: equipment sponsorship

  Cooperation period: unknown

  Overview of Cooperation: US “Call of Duty” Professional League Team Optic Chicago announced that it has reached an exclusive cooperation with electricity chair manufacturer MAVIX,The latter will provide a M-race chair for the team members.Mavix will also become a sponsor of Optic Chicago’s weekly performance.Start from the 2021 season.

  It is worth mentioning that,Mavix This company has just been established last month.Optic Chicago’s CEITOR RODRIGUEZ and Star Player Seth ABNER’s image ambassador,This is the basis for both parties to cooperate.

  Meta Summary: As a start-up startup,Sponsoring the professional team is undoubtedly a great way to quickly improve the visibility and establish a brand image.

  6. G2 cooperates with Taiwan power manufacturer Seasonic

  Cooperation type: equipment sponsorship

  Cooperation period: unknown

  Cooperation overview: European E-Jing Club G2 announced,Will start in 2021,Formal relationships with Taiwan power manufacturers Seasonic.future,The G2 Equipment Club will use the Seasonic brand’s power supply.This cooperation is also the first time Seasonic to enter the electrical industry.The brand has been more than 40 years of history.Originally, it is entered into the game market as one of the PC power manufacturers.And in 2005,The company became the first company that won 80 PLUS certified companies.Achievements to reduce energy consumption by 15% to 25%.

  Meta Summary: In the list of G2’s partner,E-sports hardware also includes NVIDIA and Gigabyte Aorus.As a leader in the leading position,G2 is in the field of computer accessories and is innecting to every fine classification.

  7. British Eport Association and COPE Alliance established partnership

  Cooperation type: content cooperation

  Cooperation period: unknown

  Overview of cooperation: Non-profit organizations announced the establishment of partnerships with Cope Alliances.COALITION OF PARENTS in Esports,Father David Herzog of CRIMZ by Fortnite Team CRIMZ is created this year,The organization wants to share knowledge with electricity election hands and their parents.Including the player with contract consultation, bonus excitation, player welfare, and future education and career development.The cooperation between the two sides will be centered on the parents of electricity election.The British Eport Association will provide a range of content services.Such as videos and articles, etc.

  Meta proposal: The cooperation between the two parties is a win-win situation.The British E-sports association hopes to enhance your own consultation through Cope’s experience.Cope as a new form of organization in the e-sports industry,It is hoped that this platform will increase the visibility.

  8. Tier One Entertainment and Communication Giants Smart Communication Launches Extension

  Cooperative type: Event cooperation

  Cooperation period: long-term

  Overview of Cooperation: E-sports brokerage company Tier One Entertainment and the Philippines Communications giant Smart Communications announced a long-term partnership.The cooperation between the two parties will focus on a series of brand promotion activities.The 14 e-sports stars under Tier One will become the image ambassador of Smart and TNT (TNT is Smart’s mobile phone service provider).

  Meta Summary: This is not the first time in SMART,The company co-founded an Omega Esports with its parent company PLDT.Smart also sponsored a lot of electrical competitions in the Philippines.There is a strong correlation between communications and electrical competitions.It can also be empowered to this emerging industry through the frontier technology.

  9. Gillette and HBCU E-Competition and CSL ESPORTS boost college electricity

  Cooperative type: a variety of ways

  Cooperation period: unknown

  Cooperation Overview: Shaving Brand Gillette announced cooperation with the HBCU E-Competition and CSL ESPORTS.HBCU Eercasant League (HEA) is an electrical tissue for black college students.Aim to enhance their participation,In addition to cultivating electrical competitions,Also included entrepreneurial skills,Content development,Game design and other training.CSL is a platform platform for providing electrical competition opportunities for college students.The tripartite will jointly carry out projects named “Groomed to Game”: organizing an electrical competition and providing prizes and scholarships for students who participate in the competition.

  Meta Summary: Gillette is already “old face” in the electrical industry,As early as 2017, I had a cooperation with the EDG team.College students can be affected by sponsors’ attention to the development of electricity.The attention to the athlete’s race and gender diversity also explains that the electrical competition is in a lot of traditional sports alliances.

  10. Audio equipment brand JBL sponsored Brazilian electric bathastform Pain Gaming

  Cooperative type: a variety of ways

  Cooperation period: one year

  Overview of cooperation: Brazilian electric competitor team Pain Gaming signed a sponsorship agreement with audio equipment brand JBL.The latter brand logo will appear on the team’s team in Pain Gaming, “League”, “Valorant”, “FREEFIRE”, “Valorant”, “FreeFire”, “CS: Go”, and “Royal War”.In addition,JBL will also carry out brand marketing activities with Pain, which is not a team to provide audio equipment and headphones.

  Meta proposal: JBL has developed an electricity product line in early year,Sponsored Pain is the first time attempt to import the brand.It is foreseeable thatJBL will have more actions in the future.

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