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  Twitter is having a field day with New Pokémon Snap as players live-tweet their journey through the Lental region. Here are some of the highlights!

  By Emma Benten

  Published Jun 10, 2021


  Split image depicting two funny tweets about the New Pokémon Snap

  Developed by Bandai Namco and published by Nintendo,?New Pokémon Snap?released to the Nintendo Switch at the very end of April to?plenty?of fanfare. Players who grew up with the original?Pokémon Snap?for the Nintendo 64 and newcomers to this Pokémon spin-off alike are taking their first steps into the Lental Region, and as such are documenting their findings and adventures on Twitter.

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  Many of these tweets capture not only the wonder of photographing Pokémon, but the humorous situations Pokémon can find themselves in as well. Some of them even showcase Pokémon in hilarious and relatable situations that can happen to anyone.


  This would be a 4 star picture on the new Pokémon snap pic.twitter.com/pdzZxadi0Y

  — baby yoda is dead (@MikeMartinoSux) June 7, 2021

  Every fan?may have their favorite Pokémon, but not all of them can claim to have one living on their couch. This Snorlax, on the other hand, not only has found room to sleep on one fan’s couch but also companions in the forms of two cats and a little girl.

  It’s highly impressive that this fan managed to get such a high-quality shot of Snorlax up close without disturbing its nap, and Professor Mirror would be pleased if presented with this photo. This picture is more than deserving of that prestigious four-star rating!

  not me making ‘this is fine’ memes edits in the new pokémon snap same energy #PokemonSnap #NewPokemonSnap pic.twitter.com/YdyLhY0RWp

  — Pep_Talks (@peptalkslive) May 1, 2021

  Quagsire’s empty yet easygoing expression lends this dual Water-Ground type Pokémon to plenty of memes, and the classic “this is fine” is no exception. Here, the photographer adds to the dramatic effect with the addition of roaring flames and a black-and-white filter over Quagsire as it contemplates its own mortality.

  Thankfully, Fire-type moves aren’t very effective on Pokémon like Quagsire. It’s easy to imagine that despite how the predicament looks, Quagsire really is doing just fine.


  The joke is on you guys because I’ve been playing Pokémon Snap this whole time#pokemonsnap #pokemon #pokemonswordshield #nintendo #nintendoswitch pic.twitter.com/4LY3S43aOx

  — Aaron Damigos (@aaronmichaeld) June 18, 2020

  Perhaps the true?New Pokémon Snap?experience?was all of the friends made along the way – or in this case, all of the practice photographing Pokémon in the real world! One such fan has gone above and beyond in setting up and capturing snapshots of Pokémon plushies in the wild.

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  The lighting, arrangement, and slight editing on these photos do everything to take them to the next level. It’s?clear that the photographer regularly takes both 4-star photos in the game and 5-star ones in real life.

  I’m an adult and I still enjoy the occasional fart joke#PokemonSnap #Bidoof pic.twitter.com/Sm8pTX4fS0

  — Harry Loizides (@illgrillchill) May 1, 2021

  Not every picture shows a Pokémon at its best; most of the time, players end up with embarrassing candid camera shots such as with Bidoof here. Some fans may feel guilty at laughing over Bidoof’s misfortune from getting caught in the middle of letting it rip; at the same time, however,?this brand of humor never fails to appear to the young at heart.

  That being said, most humans do not appreciate being photographed in a similar situation. Only in a Pokémon game can fans get away with compromising and juvenile shots such as this one.


   first day back after a three day weekend be like… #PokemonSnap pic.twitter.com/YCb30iRrDV

  — gem (@gemfullyttv) June 1, 2021

  This Heliolisk has spent the whole weekend playing?New Pokémon Snap?and is about to suffer the consequences of not being ready for the workweek. Not even?the?environment is prepared for the weekend’s end; Heliolisk is surrounded by palm trees, clear water, and grass swaying in the breeze, all physical?reminders of a tropical vacation.

  Hopefully,?Heliolisk manages to regroup in time to get back to work. Either way, this photo captures a relatable experience for all players who’d rather spend the week in the Lental region rather than at work.

  am i doing this pokemon snap thing right pic.twitter.com/4zhac7oDUy

  — Sweet Mimi (@tenshifos) June 5, 2021

  New Pokémon Snap?isn’t the easiest game to get a handle on, and some gamers have taken to Twitter to ensure the game is working right. That being said, it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of Pokémon this fan has caught on camera. Perhaps it could be a previously unseen regional variant of Persian, or even a new Pokémon entirely.

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  Whatever the case,?these photos show their subject front and center; while they may be slightly blurry, a steady hand can easily fix that. A little more practice and this unsure fan will be snapping shots like a pro.


  I started playing pokemon snap and.. This game is so brutal lmfao, this bish legit just killed a Finneon pic.twitter.com/rMhfJ4eaLh

  — Luna (@LunaCrescendia) June 6, 2021

  The circle of life certainly exists within Pokémon, but the games themselves seldom reference any kind of a Pokémon food chain. In?New Pokémon Snap, however, fans get a front-row seat to nature in action, such as the case of this Wingull making off with its lunch: a poor, unsuspecting Finneon.

  While this scene may appear gruesome, it also shows a glimpse of regular life for wild Pokémon in the Lental region and across the Pokémon world. Nature shots of Pokémon are truly no different than nature shots?of real-life animals.

  i got pokemon snap today and all my photos look like this pic.twitter.com/LeRbIZ8Kn3

  — dr. j?rt @ comms open (@keithologist) June 6, 2021

  Taking good pictures of Pokémon isn’t always the easiest task. It requires patience, timing, and the perfect angle to truly capture the subject in all its glory. Unfortunately, some fans still haven’t gotten the hang of taking pictures, and Squidward here perfectly demonstrates what most of these efforts result in.

  Whether from lack of?practice?or hand-eye coordination troubles, beginner photos in?New Pokémon Snap?won’t always look picture perfect. Blurry photos of Pokémon turned away from the camera are the eternal experience of newcomers to the game.


  I threw an apple at Morelull and k*lled it #PokemonSnap pic.twitter.com/aPV2WMjBvR

  — vi? (@One23toon) June 4, 2021

  That’s no ordinary apple; that’s a Fluffruit, and in the wrong hands it can be a dangerous weapon. This Morelull has ended up on the wrong side of a thrown Fluffruit and is currently suffering the consequences.?Standing at eight inches and weighing only 3.3 pounds, Morelulls are no match for flying Fluffruits.

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  While death is not a regular concern in Pokémon, fainting certainly is – and this Morelull looks to be down and out. Be careful?when throwing a Fluffruit, or an innocent Pokémon could end up knocked out!

  With all the reposted memes we all feel this way. #PokemonSnap pic.twitter.com/mlXiGDf6Vj

  — Alice Dream (@DreamLReality) June 1, 2021

  Swampert, one of the harder Pokémon to find in?New Pokémon Snap, doesn’t seem to be happy about being woken up for a reposted meme. After being sent the same tired material over and over again by friends, Swampert is over it and ready to return to?a quiet undersea nap.

  Most players feel the same way Swampert does with all of the current memes of New Pokémon Snap running their course. In a Pokémon world of “8.8/10, too much water” and “so I herd you liek Mudkipz,” there has to be more out there for Swampert to enjoy.

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