[destiny 2 raids]‘Destiny 2’ Only Needs To Bring One Thing Back From The Content Vault

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  Destiny 2


  It’s pretty clear at this point that we are barreling toward another large removal of content when The Witch Queen rolls around, as Bungie wants Destiny 2 to retain its current size. That means the sunsetting of some piece of the current game, though whether that’s the EDZ or Nessus or Forsaken is anyone’s guess.

  So far, the content vault has only served to removed Destiny 2 content and add Destiny 1 content. This is…fine, I guess. I enjoy the old strikes being back, and Vault of Glass. And yet if we get to be picky here, I would very much like to see one thing in particular removed from the vault, and no, it’s not Mars, Mercury, Io or Titan.

  It’s Menagerie.

  Destiny 2


  I’m not even talking about Leviathan as a whole, which also includes two raids and two raid lairs, I’m talking about Menagerie, added in Season of Opulence (and I wouldn’t say no to its sibling, the test chamber Tribute Hall returning too).

  To me, Menagerie represents possibly the closest thing Destiny has come to a perfect piece of content in all these years.

  The environment is gorgeous and the different activities you can run in the course of a session are diverse.

  It has multiple bosses which all have dramatically different mechanics.

  The design of the encounter allows six people to work together with no mics given the nature of the objectives, and it’s impossible to fail a normal run.

  The rune slotting system remains one of the best uses of target farming the game has ever had, even in this era of Umbral engrams.


  To me, all of this adds up to Menagerie being the best activity Destiny has produced in the seasonal model, and I don’t think I’m alone in that fact. I would much rather have Menagerie return and exist as another “pillar” activity of the game compared to say, Gambit.

  Destiny 2


  Obviously, I’d want to see a lot of the loot return with it, too. Austringer, Beloved, etc, which have now been sunset. But the point of Menagerie, and something it never, ever did for some reason, is that you can easily shift the rune offerings around whenever you want, every season, even, and allow for a wide variety of target farming for pretty much any gear in the game. World loot, destination loot, past seasonal loot, it could all be there, and change around with every new season so there’s something to target farm there.

  Look, I know it’s unlikely that Bungie is going to ever bring four planets and five raids out of the content vault, and while I don’t know the technical process behind bringing just Menagerie back, I think it’s worth re-adding to the game, preferable as a F2P element, given how much that crowd lost through the content vault.

  It’s a great piece of content, arguably the best Destiny has had in terms of individual of activities, and by design it could be relevant every season if handled correctly. Please, bring it back to life.

  …and also Tribute Hall for the sanity of my YouTuber build-testing friends.

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