[brave browser apk]Microsoft, Vivaldi, Mozilla, and Brave turn down Google’s FLoC

  It turns out that browsers of a feather don’t flock together. Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft, and Mozilla have all come out against Google’s FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). The controversial technology is criticized by several companies due to privacy concerns.

  FLoC looks at your browser history with an algorithm and puts you into a group of people with similar histories for the purposes of advertising. It’s a complicated technology that many browser makers have come out against. As pointed out by The Verge Google seems to be the only browser maker that plans to use FLoC.

  Brave wrote a blog post titled “A Step in the Wrong Direction” explaining why its against FLoC. One section of the post states that “FLoC is Harmful to Web Users,” stating”

  The worst aspect of FLoC is that it materially harms user privacy, under the guise of being privacy-friendly. Others have already detailed many of the ways FLoC is privacy harming. We note here just three aspects of FLoC that are particularly harmful and concerning.

  Brave’s post goes deep into details about how FLoC affects the ability for sites to track you, how FLoC handles your browsing history, and more.

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  Vivaldi shared a similar blog post titled “No, Google! Vivaldi users will not get FLoC’ed.” It’s not surprising to see Vivaldi take this stance, as it emphasizes privacy in several areas. Vivaldi calls FLoC “dangerous” and explains why it doesn’t support FLoC:

  At Vivaldi, we stand up for the privacy rights of our users. We do not approve tracking and profiling, in any disguise. We certainly would not allow our products to build up local tracking profiles.

  To us, the word “privacy” means actual privacy. We do not twist it into being the opposite. We do not even observe how you use our products. Our privacy policy is simple and clear; we do not want to track you.

  Vivaldi even has a video rejecting FLoC.