[Everspace]Jeff Bezos unable to purchase insurance prior to his first-ever space trip

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  Blue Origin, based in Washington, is all set to launch their first-ever outer space trip where Blue Origins chief Jeff Bezos and other crew members will be a part of their maiden venture to outer space.

  However, as fascinating as a trip to outer space sounds, there is also the prospect where the world’s richest man might not make it back. For an individual who has a net worth of USD 198 billion, it is nearly impossible to find insurance as the insurance companies cannot yet grasp the pros and cons of providing insurance for an outer space trip and might end up costing any company costing a fortune.

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  The space flight will take the crew to the end of the Earth’s atmosphere and the insurance companies are not yet confident over the probability making it back safely.

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  Generally space flights lift off and land in more or less the same location while generally a normal flight takes off from one location and lands onto the other giving it the characteristic of a domestic flight. This difference of nature of travel is the problem Blue Origin’s first space flight crew members will be facing when looking for insurance.

  The astronauts participating in Blue Origin’s first ever space flight will receive one-day training for their flight. The objective of the space trip will be to travel till the end of Earth’s atmosphere and then return to surface. The time estimation for this mission will be around an hour.

  Also last month, when a seat for the Blue Origin owned Blue Shepard’s space trip was up for sale in an auction it gathered a massive $28 million dollar price, however the identity of the person who has bought the seat has not been disclosed yet.

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