[rus 79u]Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 – May 26th Community Update

  Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 - May 26th Community UpdateCall of Duty: Mobile Season 4 – May 26th Community Update

  Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 – May 26th Community Update: Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile?Community! We are leaving behind the honor, glory, and beautiful aesthetic that is Season 3: Tokyo Escape and travelling back to the west!?Season 4: Spurned & Burned?arrives today and brings?Call of Duty: Mobile back to that rough, rugged, and untamed frontier. Before we jump into anything, let’s first take a look at the new release trailer:


  Last week we launched the?new in-game update?and our 80s Action Heroes event with Guns Blazing Mode, Rambo, and John McClane! That event is still on going, but with Season 4 releasing we have a new map, Battle Pass, events, Ranked Series, and much more releasing throughout the season. As you’ll see on the roadmap below there is also plenty of content releasing later in the season and in the middle of that we have this huge feature that you may have heard of called Clan Wars .

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  That feature will provide you with more ways to earn rewards and compete with other players. It might sound simple at a glance, but it is a significant update to the whole clan system on top of it essentially becoming a new bi-seasonal event (like Ranked Series). Read on below for information about Clan Wars and everything else related to Season 4: Spurned & Burned!

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  05/21 – 06/02 ~?Guns Blazing Mode (MP)

  05/27 – All Season ~?Two New Seasonal Challenges

  05/27 – 06/02 ~?Grind Mode (MP)

  05/27 – 06/02 ~?Dome 24/7 (MP)

  05/27 – 06/02 ~?Capture the Gold (MP)

  05/27 – 06/02 ~?Blitz Mode (BR)

  05/27 – 06/02 ~?Credit Store Update

  05/27 – 06/02 ~?Medieval Malpractice Draw

  06/01?– Clan Wars Begins

  *All Dates UTC

  We are starting our descent back into the west with Capture The Gold, Dome, and a jam-packed Battle Pass! We’ll also continue our plan of having different Battle Royale modes available every week of the season. We are starting off with Blitz and in mid-June landing back at some fan-favorites with Alcatraz and Tank Battles mode. Here is the schedule below:

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Outside all of this, there is also our featured event, High Noon Chase, which aren’t ready to shed any light on just yet but we’ll be doing so in a future community update. Onto the hat and duster filled Battle Pass section!

  Battle Pass

  As you’ve likely seen already earlier this week we have some stylish gunslingers entering the frontier with this Battle Pass, like Alex – Bounty Hunter and Scylla – Dusted. Of course, on the free side of the Battle Pass we have some brand-new items to snag with the MK2 marksman rifle and the Hawk X3 scorestreak. Here are some of the main items highlighted below!

  Free Battle Pass

  Scout – Wagon Wheel (tier 1)

  Cordite – Buckskin (tier 4)

  New Scorestreak – HAWK X3?(tier 14)

  Defender – Wagon Wheel (tier 18)

  New Functional Weapon – MK2?(tier 21)

  S36 – Buckskin (tier 31)

  Charm – Saddled (tier 38)

  Arctic. 50 – Bucksin (tier 41)

  Calling Card – Cyborg Showdown (tier 46)

  GKS – Buckskin (tier 50)

  Premium Pass

  Alex – Bounty Hunter?(tier 1)

  Razorback – Stirrup (tier 1)

  Calling Card – Standoff at Dusk (tier 1)

  RUS-79U – Wretched (tier 10)

  Emote – Lasso Dance (tier 15)

  AK47 – Desert Sunset (tier 25)

  Scarlett Rhodes – Carmine?(tier 30)

  M4 – Spurred (tier 35)

  AGR 556 – Western Crown (tier 40)

  Scylla – Dusted (tier 50)

  Avatar – Bounty Hunter (tier 50)

  Frame – Bounty Frame (tier 50)

  MK2 – Brushstroke?(tier 50)

  Outside of that, there is also the?Battle Pass Bundle?which comes with a handy and surprisingly sharp shovel, the Sandy Spade! You can also snag a unique avatar, frame, and charm with that bundle, but we’ve seen all of the threads about shovels with players toiling over nukes to earn that original release and clearly we should fill our Seasonal Challenges with shovels .

  Clan Wars

  Gather your crew because Clan Wars is coming! We’ll have an in-depth breakdown in next week’s community update but we’re too excited about it to not say anything.

  Starting June 1st?(UTC) you and your Clan will be placed into a league with 5 other clans. You and your Clan will then go to battle in different nodes, each having a different task to be completed. How well you and your Clan do in these nodes will affect how you stack up again the other Clans in your league. Your placement in the league at the end of each week will earn you rewards and can even rank you up to a higher-ranking league. And a higher-ranked league of course means better rewards.

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Speaking of rewards, in this Season of Clan Wars you’ll be able to earn a –?RONIN – HAGAKURE.?In addition to being a brand-new operator to Call of Duty: Mobile, Ronin – Hagakure is special because he will have individual pieces of gear to earn through Clan Wars. Some early tips we’ll give you on how to earn him is to party up and play with other members of your clan and battle in those nodes daily. Both of these actions will earn you multipliers to help both you and your Clan.

  That’s all for now! We will have plenty more details on everything related to Clan Wars next week.

  Dome – Multiplayer Map

  We have a new Multiplayer map dropping this season and it is the abandoned military base that makes up Dome! This map originally from?Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?is full of dilapidated offices, bunkers, and long abandoned facilities in serious need of repairs. The map offers a combination of short range and medium range combat areas with a few areas providing sniper friendly lanes.

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  This map is available in the?Dome 24/7 playlist?and it also has an event tied to it –?Desert Dome. This event is very straight forward with tasks asking you to play the 24/7 Playlist in various amounts and also use X number of scorestreaks while playing. For doing all of that you can snag a FHJ-18 camo, the QQ9 – Leather & Lead, and some credits. Get a look at the full map below and check it out in-game now:

  Ranked Series 2

  This season comes alongside a hefty in-game update which means it is time for another Ranked Series! Ranks should now be reset (not completely, just down a rank or two depending on where you are at) and the leaderboards await new champions of Battle Royale and Multiplayer. This new Ranked Series comes alongside some new improvements we’ve already seen plenty of positive feedback about, like map voting and new statistics.

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  On top of updates like that, we also have some brand-new rewards launching with this series! If you fight through the rigors of Multiplayer you can earn the epic blueprint KN-44 – Championship Mindset and through Battle Royale you can earn the epic operator Seraph – Precious Metal. Of course there are plenty of other rewards on top of those, like camos for the Locus, HS2126, UL736, SP-R 208 and MW11. Jump in now, climb those ranks, and get ready for the World Championship 2021 presented by Sony!

  Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 Presented by Sony

  This massive competitive event is right around the corner and will be launching on June 3rd (UTC)! That means you have a short while to start climbing ranks and preparing for the challenges of Stage 1, which will be a solo phase just like last year. This first stage will run from June 3rd to June 27th and then second stage, the team stage, will be starting at the beginning of July!

  Expanded regions?– We mentioned this momentarily in a previous community update, but we are happy to announce that with this 2021 version we’ll be expanding our regions! Players from Russia will be able to participate for the first time and as a part of the European region. Also, this year Southeast Asia and the Middle East will be its own region.

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  We’ll cover that all in more detail in the next update once Stage 1 begins, but for now if you have any questions about the championship, the rewards, the rules, or how to participate then head on over to the recently updated?Call of Duty: Mobile Esports website. Get training and get ready for the biggest competitive event of the year!

  Returning & Updated Modes

  This season we have two new modes but one you’ve already been playing, Guns Blazing ! That action packed Rambo and Die Hard filled chaos is going to be live until early June, but today we also have the return of?Capture The Gold! This mode was originally from Season 6: Once Upon a Time in Rust (the OG western season) and it is a western take on CTF mode.

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Flags have been transformed into chests of gold and you’ll be working on protecting or capturing those alongside the rest of your team. This mode is objective based and all about working together with your team to have some players defending while the rest push for the gold. However, even though it isn’t mention on the roadmap we also have?1v1 Duel?returning later this season!

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  That tactical and sweat inducing mode has you facing off against a single opponent on close quarters maps, like Saloon, Gulag, Shipment, and Pine. Similarly to Gunfight, this mode is meant to test your skills in a balanced and approachable manner. 1v1 Duel will be launching about halfway through Season 4, so keep an eye out for more news on that in a later community update!

  Seasonal Challenges

  We are starting this season off with two new challenges! Under Pressure and BR Mastermind will give all players plenty of options, with one clearly focused on Battle Royale and Under Pressure focused on Multiplayer. Through these first two challenges of S4 you can grab some great rewards, like the new Heartbeat Sensor or the operator Russian Merc – Iron Hunter. Here are all of the details!

  Under Pressure

  This six-part seasonal challenge asks you to jump into Multiplayer and grabs some hard fought Ws while using a variety of different perks, scorestreaks, and tacticals! Some of the tasks may be tough depending on how familiar or experienced you are with the particular item/option, but this is also your only way to grab the long-sought after Heartbeat Sensor! Here are the main rewards on top of 17,000 Battle Pass XP and a few other currencies:

  (Uncommon) Pharo – Carrion

  (Rare) Avatar – Sickle

  (Rare) NA-45 – Iron Hunter

  New Tactical – Heartbeat Sensor

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  That heartbeat sensor will allow you to track your enemies through walls based on their movement. It is extremely useful for cautious players who want to always keep tabs on nearby enemies, especially in strategic situations where you may only have life per round like in Search & Destroy. The only downsides to the Heartbeat Sensor are the lack of a different piece of tactical equipment and that you are defenseless while using it.

  BR Mastermind

  The seven-part Seasonal Challenge is all about Battle Royale and showing your skills through a series of unique tasks. You’ll be asked to take out enemies in certain areas of the map only, like Diner, use epic weapons, snag airdrops, enter the top 8 multiple times, and a few other related tasks. The rewards for this event vary, but offer a new operator variant, a weapon camo, and BR specific cosmetics. Of course, there is also 20,000 Battle XP up for grabs in this challenge too! Here are the other main rewards:

  (Uncommon) Defender – Carrion

  (Uncommon) Man-O-War – Carrion

  (Rare) ATV – Iron Hunter

  (Rare) Russian Merc – Iron Hunter

  New Functional Weapons

  There are two new functional weapons this season and they are completely different types of weapons. We have the Holger 26, a LMG, and the MK2, a Marksman Rifle. The?Holger 26?will be available later in the season through an event, but for now we just wanted to say it is the first new functional LMG of 2021 and the second functional LMG to be released in?Call of Duty: Mobile. We are excited to show that one off and it will also be coming alongside a truly fantastic blueprint version. More on that later!

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  The MK2, found in the free side of the Season 4 Battle Pass, is a fast-firing marksman rifle with high damage potential but tough recoil. This rifle, perfectly themed for the wild west, isn’t meant to drop your enemies in one shot but can be used effectively as a mid-range weapon that can tag enemies at high damage as long as you quickly land those precision shots.

  It is fairly similar to the SKS in that regard but handles differently overall and should be end up feeling like something between that and the Kilo Bolt-Action. Snag it now through the Battle Pass at Tier 21 or Tier 50 for the epic MK2 blueprint – Brushstroke. Check out this new weapon in action!

  New Scorestreak – HAWK X3

  Every season we have new Battle Royale Classes, scorestreak, perks, or Operator Skills, and with Season 4 our new content on that front comes in the form of equipment (Heartbeat Sensor) and a brand-new scorestreak! The HAWK X3 is a fairly straight forward manually controlled machine gun wielding drone that is the counterpart to the automated MQ-27 Dragonfire. Make sure to grab it through the S4 Battle Pass at tier 14!

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Credit Store Update

  The start of a new season also means a brand-new credit store update is here! This one brings a mixture of weapons, camos, operators, and a BR class. Just a reminder, we generally have a credit store update every two weeks and they usually alternate in content types, so the next one is likely to be more packed with blueprints and rare items compared to first one. Here are all of the new items:

  Wingsuit – Fiber Ray?(1K credits)

  .50s GS – Rewind?(1.5k credits)

  BR Class – Desperado?(2K credits)

  ATV – Scatter Force?(2.4k credits)

  Baseball Bat – Scatter Force?(3k credits)

  Vasquez – Digital Desert?(6k credits)

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Bug Reports & Feedback

  We don’t normally spend much time discussing bugs or feedback in a season release post like this, but this time around we had an update launch quite a bit before the season itself. We have a few topics to bring up and thanks to everyone who has spent time sending in reports or discussing the new content, changes, and improvements! Take a look:

  Various Ironsight Issues – Just a general thanks to those who sent in reports about these! Our team has taken a look at many of them already and reproduced some of these, but not all of them. Please keep reporting them and with examples of specific weapons so we can have our teams look into each one.

  Stability Issues in Guns Blazing Mode – We were able to reproduce this issue with some success, thankfully, but if you are still seeing issues with this mode in particular please keep reporting them so we can get more data on device types.

  Gunsmith Default Look – This one we were also able to quickly reproduce thanks to reports from the community and quick responses from you all. It has been sent up and confirmed, so hopefully it won’t be long until we can push a fix for it.

  Camera Issues in BR – We saw an unusual bug report about a camera viewpoint showing up inside of a weapon when playing in third person in BR. It turns out this confusing sounding bug is real and reproducible. We’ve sent it up to the dev team and thanks to the original reporters!

  Warrior’s Path Leaderboards Rewards – We saw some posts about these rewards not being sent out and the moment we went to check on them they were already heading out to applicable players’ inboxes. Thanks for the pings about those and if you haven’t already, please check your in-game mailbox for those rewards.

  Alias VO – Our team mistakenly thought this popular character’s voice over was coming in this last update, but instead it is coming alongside Season 5. Sorry for the confusion on that one, but almost there Alias fans! She will have her own unique voice soon enough.

  For You – This update saw a new version of this For You system arriving. Some visual changes can already be seen, but most of the changes coming are just new content being released later in this season. This will come in the form of crates and lucky draws. We don’t have a clear “this releases on X date” schedule to share out, but there is more coming and soon!

  High Alert Perk – As some of you have noticed, High Alert has been adjusted and for the better! It should now work properly and more like other versions of Call of Duty. We appreciate the positive feedback in response to that change and for everyone who noted the discrepancy in the first place.

  Gunsmith 2.0 – We’ve seen a few questions about what this exactly after it was mentioned in the patch notes and basically it is just many small changes to attachments within the Gunsmith system. Some attachments might be replaced entirely with new models and looks, while others may have some changes to help them feel more unique. This isn’t going to be an easy one to spot, but the changes are numerous and a bit more behind the scenes.

  Support Options

  We still regularly reach out to community areas for info on issues or feedback, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our support channels as well if you ever need help, especially with anything specific to your account, like purchasing issues or account issues. Here are our main support channels:

  In-game support chat

  Player Support Website:?Contact Us

  Weapon Balance Updates

  This week we want to follow-up with more information on weapon balance changes that have come to Call of Duty: Mobile in this last update. We did a massive?community update post?on this a few weeks ago, but we have new weapons to highlight that were not previously covered there. This one is mostly about changes to sniper rifles and marksman rifles, but first here are a few updates to others.


  On top of the changes we outlined last time, there have been additional changes made to help optimize the bullet trajectory while reducing the instability of horizontal recoil. Two stats have also changed:

  Fire rate increased

  ADS speed reduced


  Overall, we found the AK47 to be a little too powerful. We ended up decreasing the effective range but also gave it a slight increase to damage at one lower range. Here are the new stats:

  Old Stats

  Highest Damage – 33 damage at 0-28 meters range

  Second Highest – 25 damage at 28-35 meters range

  Third Highest – 24 damage at 35-75 meters

  Lowest Damage – 21 damage at 75 meters range or further

  New Stats

  Highest Damage – 33 damage at 0-20 meters range

  Second Highest – 26 damage at 20-30 meters range

  Third Highest – 23 damage at 35-55 meters

  Lowest Damage – 21 damage at 55 meters range or further

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Sniper Rifles and Marksman Rifles

  We’ll go over some specific changes for the NA45 below, but all in all 10 weapons in these two categories have been adjusted as a part of the weapon balance changes. Most of the changes for these weapons revolves entirely around mobility and stability. Here are the main changes:

  Slightly increased ADS time and sprint-to-fire delay

  Greatly increased ADS sway and the adjusted the times in which sway begins

  Greatly increased flinch, which determines how stable your aim stays when you are hit

  Optimized the recoil of Arctic. 50, Locus, and DLQ33

  Optimized the bullet spread pattern when in the process of ADS, this means you can no longer fire at pinpoint accuracy halfway through ADS (sorry quick scopers)

  All attachments will no longer affect ADS bullet spread patterns, instead they will be replaced by other stat improvements like hit flinch, sway, breath holding time, and recoil.

  Decreased movement speed and ADS movement speed

  Optic attachments will no longer provide benefits to ADS speed and sprint-to-fire delay

  Attachments will now offer better control (more options) over recoil, stability, sway, and hit flinching.

  Attachments will offer more improvements to breath holding time


  This popular weapon that most people either love or hate is getting quite a few changes. We wanted to mention this one specifically on top of the overview changes because of the many community requests for a NA-45 balance adjustment. Well, you all got it! Here are the details:

  Two shoots to kill with no adjustments on damage to body parts

  Lower-middle mobility (affects ADS and Sprint & Shoot)

  Overall stability nerfed

  Greatly increased time to ADS

  Fire rate slightly decreased

  Recoil slightly decreased

  Increased overall control difficulty (harder to control and aim)

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  There are plenty of other small adjustments made to the Outlaw, Kilo Bolt-Action, M21 EBR, XPR 50, SKS, and SPR208 that fall in line with those general overview notes above with the changes being focused to sway, recoil, stability, and mobility. Hopefully, you all have noticed the many changes that came alongside the last update, but we’ll be on the lookout for more feedback and in-game data to help make future changes.

  r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - May 26th Community Update

  Lastly for this week, we’d just like to say thanks for all of the excitement around our return to a western themed season and for all of the unusual, unique, and fun events going on lately, like?Ferg vs DrDisrepect,?Throwback Throwdown, or the crazy fun that is 80s Action Heroes! We’ll have a lot more coming throughout Season 4 and into June with more competitive events, in-game events, tournaments, feature releases (like Clan Wars), and community events. Keep an eye out for all of that and we’ll see you for the next community update!

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