[kojima game]Kojima Cloud-Rumored native Xbox games Valve and Stadia Vet Kim Swift provide support

  For the past few months, rumors have bounced around it Hideo Kojima and Microsoft are discussing the release of the next game, And today, details about what is included in the work have been revealed. According to Jeff GrabKojima’s latest project, which started these rumors in the first place, started exclusively for Stadia before Google stopped developing the original game. Apparently, Kojima’s concept is to use Stadia tech in some important way, and if a deal with Microsoft is signed, it will be a cloud-native game (nothing has been signed yet).

  Even if Microsoft can’t lock down Kojima’s next game, it’s already hiring Kim Swift, who worked at Valve for games like Portal and Left 4 Dead, and Stadia as game design director. At Microsoft, she will be Senior Director of Xbox Cloud Gaming, and according to Grubb, she was specially brought in to support the technical aspects of Kojima’s project. Xbox Game Studios Publishing Head Peter Wyse said of the addition of Swift to the team:…

  Release of abandoned gameplay has been postponed to August

  Kim will build a team focused on new experiences in the cloud. This supports our mission to connect Xbox games with 3 billion gamers to play games.

  For now, take this with a grain of salt, but it all sounds plausible enough. Of course, Kojima’s rumors are Fierce speculation over PS5-only horror adventure games has been abandonedMany think it could be Kojima’s secret project or the revival of Silent Hill. Whether that’s true or not (I doubt), this rumored Xbox cloud game is clearly a completely different project.

  So what do you think about Kojima? What kind of cloud-native madness is he cooking?