[mp3juice download]MP3Juices Gets Brought Back from the Dead

  MP3Juices may have been shut down by the City of London Police, but the site has now reborn on a different domain and under a different team.

  A little more than a month ago, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit from the London Police managed to shut down the MP3 search engine MP3Juices.com.

  “You have tried to access a website that is under criminal investigation by the UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). This site is being investigated for online copyright infringement,” reads the banner that continues to grace the MP3Juices.com site as a reminder of the victory of the PIPCU team.

  The site had become quite popular, with over a million visitors per month, but Internet.bs, the site’s registrar decided to take it all down as requested.

  While there are several sites taking advantage of the popularity of MP3Juices.com, they don’t all provide the same service. Mp3-Juices.org, however, does.

  The site has been available for several weeks now and it’s become increasingly popular as fans are finding their way back to the site. The old members of the team that used to run the original .com site are no longer involved with the new project and it looks like quite a few things will change.

  The new admins of the site have told Softpedia that they’re now using a bunch of new music sources that will be unlocked step by step. More importantly, however, no files will be hosted by the site, which should come in handy in protecting themselves from copyright owners if they ever come after them.

  “We’re on a long way with our mp3juices project we’ve got many milestones on our plan. We will check them off step by step but until then it’s a little secret,” the team told us, refusing to go into too many details.

  Basically, MP3-Juices.org works like a search engine of sort. It doesn’t host any of the music files displayed on the site, it just indexes them. They are all located on remote servers that have no connection with mp3-juices.org. Anyone who files in this manner is doing so from another host service.

  The site advises users to remove a song from the computer after listening; otherwise, they’d be breaking the copyright protection laws.

  “As a general matter, we at MP3 Free Download respect the rights of artists and creators, and hope you will work with us to keep our community a creative, legal and positive experience for everyone, including artists and creators,” reads a note on the site.