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  10 Games To Play If You Like Valorant

  By Davi Nonato Braid

  Published Jun 14, 2021


  Valorant players might be itching for a change-up from the typical routine. Games like Team Fortress 2 and Paladins might just suffice.

  10 Games To Play If You Like Valorant

  Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero-shooter that was developed and published by Riot Games. It is currently active and being supported by the developers and the community. Although the game is young, it is already played competitively throughout the world, and its popularity has only increased over time.

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  The gameplay is fast-paced and demanding. In Valorant, heroes have strong abilities, and guns kill quickly. Graphically, it has a cartoonish design that is intended to run in less powerful computers. Although the game is well-received, there are plenty of players who’d like something similar but different. Fortunately, the genre has many games that might please players who like Valorant.


  Team Fortress 2

  The grandfather of the hero-shooter genre, Team Fortress is the reason we have games like Valorant. Players participate in team battles and create strategies by choosing different character classes. However, in Team Fortress 2, characters work more like classes. Players are allowed to select the same class more than once on both sides.

  Team Fortress 2 has nine different characters, each with their own weapon and function in the game. They also have special abilities?such as the Soldier’s rocket jump that needs skills to be pulled off of instead of just hitting a key to activate it. Players can also unlock different weapons that might change the gameplay completely, like Sniper’s bow and arrow.

  Borderlands 3: Cover art - Lilith

  Some players like all the aspects that Valorant has to offer, except for its competitive side. Borderlands is an excellent choice for those who want a hero shooter with good guns and no scoreboard. Especially for those who might enjoy its loot system and RPG elements. The game has many memorable characters like Doctor Patricia Tannis and Claptrap.

  Borderlands 3 is the most recent and best game of the franchise. It features characters that have distinct personalities and unique playstyles. The game has many different guns, abilities, items, and adventures in alien worlds. It can also be played cooperatively.


  Counter Strike Global Offensive Split Image with gameplay on the left

  Counter Strike is a first-person shooter that has survived the test of times. Players work as a team, taking the role of either terrorists or counter-terrorists. In this game, weapons are deadly, good aim is significantly rewarded, and positioning is extremely important.

  Valorant is a game that puts a lot more emphasis on the guns than most hero shooters out there. In fact, that focus on guns and the shop system were pages taken directly from Counter Strike’s book. This might be the game for those who dislike the hero part of Riot’s shooter since each does something better than the other.

  Promotional art for Apex Legends featuring various characters

  Apex Legends is an interesting combination of two genres, putting unique heroes in a battle royale setting. This is the sort of twist that offers a fun game to fans of either genre and an awesome game to fans of both. Since it is free to play, there is no reason why players should not try it out.

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  Apex Legends has a seasonal approach to the game’s development that dictates how new content is provided to players. New weapons, characters, and skins are continuously released to players. It makes the game feel fresh and maintains its popularity.


  overwatch group shot Cropped

  Overwatch is one of the famous hero-shooter out there. Although it is not nearly as popular as it once was, it never stopped being a fun game to play casually. Unlike Valorant, the game has less emphasis on shooting and more on the heroes. Characters feel completely different from one another.

  In this game, team composition plays a huge role in a match. Adopting a good strategy and knowing how to counter the adversary is very important. Since heroes have powerful skills, they must be chosen to both help your team and to disrupt the enemies.

  Paladins - champions united against Yagorath

  Paladins is a very interesting game that did not receive that much attention at first. Its design philosophy is different from other hero shooters. This is a free-to-play game that presents a way for players to express themselves. It is a team-based hero shooter that has characters with special abilities and weapons that are unique to them. However, Paladins allows players to customize the gameplay.

  This is one of those games that have a clear focus on the hero side of the genre. Customizing champions goes beyond self-expression since it does affect how champions played. Although the game is known for not being as technically stable as its competitors, it worth trying nonetheless.


  Luke Skywalker Force Pushing Snowtroopers In Star Wars Battlefront 2

  Star Wars Battlefront 2 is more of a class shooter than a hero shooter. Players choose a class and gain points throughout a match that can eventually be used to unlock a more powerful character. With enough points, players can play as heroes like Luke Skywalker or Master Yoda.

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  The classes are quite different from each other, defining what kind of weapons and special skills a player can use. Although the game was under a lot of heat when it first launched, changes made by the developers turned it into an enjoyable experience.

  Character shooting at the arena from the sky

  Rocket Arena is a fast-paced third-person shooter that has frenetic combat and fast traversal. Mobility is very free and fun in this game. Characters can rocket jump, triple jump, and use their unique special abilities to move in creative ways. The greatest twist in this game is what it takes to win a match. Players have to knock adversaries out of the arena instead of straight-up killing them.

  Each team has three players, and each map has unique layouts and items to be found and used. This game is great for players who want something similar but different that is fun to play and easy to pick up.


  Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is another team-based first-person shooter that focuses on cooperation and guns. This is a game for those who like shooting and strategy but do not care for special abilities.

  The game was inspired by real-life counter-terrorist task forces. It is the most recent game of the franchise, and it features environmental destruction, good graphics, and over twenty different maps. Unlike other Rainbow Six games, Siege does not have an off-line campaign.

  Titanfall 2 Titan background Sarah Briggs foreground

  Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter that was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game is a considerable improvement from the previous one. It features a good single-player campaign and an amazing multiplayer mode. It is a great great game for those who want to play it competitively without alienating those who don’t.

  For players who like the futuristic aspects of Valorant but rather play something less cartoonish, Titanfall 2 will be a great alternative. It features giant mechas, fun traversal, and weapons that feel like they have weight and impact.

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