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  It’s not easy to hunt down the rupees Link needs to stock up on supplies in Breath of the Wild. Luckily, there are a few ways he can earn money fast.

  By Jack Pursey

  Published Apr 26, 2021


  (Left) Gold rupees description (Right) Link holding a large snowball

  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?released in March 2017, and has since become recognized as one of the best entries in the illustrious Legend of Zelda?series.?Among its many excellent features is its enormous world, which players are free to explore in any direction that they choose.?Despite its size,?Breath of the Wild’s open-world is filled to the brim with quests to complete, NPCs to interact with, and numerous other activities to indulge in.

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  The fantasy world of Hyrule has its share of unique creatures and resources. However, much like here on Earth, money is the most valuable resource. Hyrule’s currency comes in the form of rupees, which?players can use?to purchase a whole host of items such as weapons, armor, and even a house. Thankfully, there are a handful of strategies that players can?use?to ensure they’re never short of rupees to spend.


  Blupee in Breath of the Wild

  Earning money from Blupee’s only narrowly makes it onto this list, as finding the?unique creatures is easier said than done. Blupee’s are blue, rabbit-like beings that?Link can find?sporadically throughout the many forests in Hyrule. A particularly good spot to look for them is on the?Satori Mountain, as a group of them will gather when the?Lord of the Mountain is there.

  Although finding them can be tricky, it’s worth keeping an eye out for them. Just one hit with an arrow can net players 100 rupees.

  Link cooking

  On the flip side of the previous entry is cooking. This method that is a simple, easy and reliable way of farming rupees.

  The best way to make money by cooking it to make meals with five ingredients. This alone will net a decent income, though specific ingredients can generate vast sums. Raw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet Meat are two of the best ingredients to use, as players can earn between 200 and nearly 500 rupees by just using these two luxury ingredients.


  Stone Talus chasing Link

  Stone Taluses are mini-bosses that pop up all over Hyrule, providing a tough test for?players if they choose to stay and fight. Facing the enormous?monsters is certainly worth doing, as they can provide players with a substantial income.

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  When a Talus is defeated, they will drop stones such as Amber and Sapphire, which the player?can?sell for sizable fees.?A guide to defeating the tricky foes can be found here, and a guide to?locating?them can be found here. Crush these rock giants, and claim the rewards.

  Link mining ore

  Thankfully, defeating?Stone Taluses isn’t the only way to farm precious stones. Large rocks can be found all over Hyrule, and Link can find valuable resources?within them if he?breaks them open?with one of his?heavy weapons. The minerals can be sold for the following amounts (in rupees):

  Amber: 30Opal: 60Luminous Stone: 70Topaz: 180Ruby: 210Sapphire: 260Diamond: 500

  Stones aren’t?just useful for their rupee value. Players can also use them to upgrade certain pieces of armor.


  Amiibo's of Zelda and Link from Breath of the Wild

  For those with a few Amiibos lying around, this can be a great way to earn Link some extra income on a daily basis.

  Breath of the Wild?lets players scan Amiibo one time per day. This rewards them with food ingredients, weapons, armor, rupees, and more. What’s especially great about this method is that the Amiibo don’t have to be?Legend of Zelda-themed, and there is no limit to how many different figures can be scanned each day. This provides a?consistent income, if players get into the habit of doing?it.

  Link talking to Ramella in Breath of the Wild

  Ramella is a Gerudo who?spends her time in?Goron City, after leaving Gerudo Town in search of Jewels. She will become a valuable ally for?players once completing the?Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest, as she will ask Link to bring her some of the previously mentioned precious stones.

  Ramella will only accept the stones in quantities of 10, which can be a pain to collect. However,? it’s worth?complying as the financial reward is significant. For example, ten Amber stones would usually be worth 300 rupees, but Ramella will buy them for a whopping 500.


  Breath of the Wild speedrun fail

  The not-so-friendly tactic of raiding camps and killing the inhabitants within is another way to earn a pretty penny – probably not the best life lesson that Nintendo has ever taught.

  Camps can be found all over Hyrule,?and many of them reward players for their efforts with items such as swords, bows, or rupees. Conquering camps is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Players can?flex their creative muscles, something that the game actively encourages players to do with the gameplay mechanics and weapons at their disposal.

  Guardian from Breath of the Wild

  Guardians can be some of the toughest enemies in?Breath of the Wild, especially during the game’s early stages. Much like the?Stone Talus, it’s worth defeating the Guardians if possible, as they will drop valuable resources.

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  Guardians will drop Ancient Materials, which can be sold for?profits ranging from?12 to 200 rupees depending on the item. Better yet, Hyrule is filled with?Guardians that have already been destroyed, offering the materials to players without them having to break a sweat.?Like precious stones, Ancient Materials can be used for upgrades and armor sets, so sell with caution.


  Farosh from Breath of the Wild

  Collecting?Farosh’s horns is without a doubt the most action-packed and intense way of farming for rupees.?For many players, this makes it one of the most enjoyable methods. Anyone who has played?Breath of the Wild?will likely have seen the dragon flying around the skies, but not many know?how to use it for profit.

  If players are able to shoot the dragon’s head with an arrow, one of its horns will fall to the ground. Thankfully, players don’t have to chase?Farosh around the entire map trying to find it. The dragon will always start the day at?Riola Spring, making it easy to farm the material. The dragon’s horns are worth 300 rupees each,?making them a tantalizing target.

  Snowball Mini Game from Breath of the Wild

  Breath of the Wild’s snowball bowling minigame is one of the many hidden gems located around the game’s huge map. The minigame can be found at?Pondo’s Lodge, just northeast of the Hebra Tower. As the name suggests, the?game?entails a traditional game of bowling with a not-so-traditional bowling ball made out of snow.

  Players will need to spend money to make money, as each attempt costs 20 rupees. However,?Pondo will give Link a Gold Rupee worth 300 rupees for every strike, making the risk worth the reward. Moreover, there are videos online showing precisely where to aim the enormous snowball, ensuring that players can get a strike on almost every attempt.

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