[goku day]Dragon Ball’s Trunks Would Have A Hard Time in Tokyo Revengers

  Future Trunks wouldn’t have been able to do what he did in Dragon Ball if he had to abide by the same rules as Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi Hanagaki.

  By Steven Blackburn

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  Dragon Ball Z’s Future Trunks and Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi Hanagaki both travel back in time to prevent horrific events from transpiring in each of their respective worlds. But Future Trunk’s method is much more manageable and makes things quite a bit easier for him than what’s required of Takemichi. In fact, Future Trunks wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what he initially set out to do if time travel affected him the same way as Takemichi.

  In Dragon Ball Z, Future Trunks grows up in a world where Goku dies of a fatal heart disease. Unfortunately, he was the only fighter capable of standing up against what was to come: Android 17 and 18. So, upon the arrival of the two androids, all of Earth’s greatest heroes, save for Gohan and Trunks, die by the androids’ robotic hands, since Goku isn’t there to protect them. It is only after Gohan’s death that Trunk’s mother Bulma invents a time capsule so Trunks can travel into the past with the antidote that will save Goku’s life in the present day to prevent his terrible future from coming to pass.

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  What works out in Trunks’ favor is that he’s able to travel back in time and still stay the same age. Going into the past doesn’t cause him to revert back to the age that he’s supposed to be during the particular time period he travels to. In fact, this would have been impossible if this were the case because the day Future Trunks chooses to go to is two years before his actual birth. This little tidbit is important because time travel affects Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi Hanagaki in this way. Whenever he travels through time, Takemichi’s consciousness leaves his body in the present day,?making him essentially lifeless in the present. His consciousness then enters the actual body of his past self, allowing Takemichi to experience and feel everything that his younger self does. Takemichi also doesn’t have the luxury of choosing when in time he can travel. He can only go back 12 years to the current day.



  So if Future Trunks had to meet all of the same variables as Takemichi does in order to time travel, then he would have faced some pretty insurmountable obstacles that would have made success impossible. First, Trunks would need to go 20 years back into the past right before Goku is infected by the fatal heart disease that kills him, and Takemichi can only travel back 12 years. Goku would have therefore already died by the time of Future Trunks’ arrival. Second, since time traveling would have required Future Trunks’ consciousness to leave his body and enter into the body of his younger self 12 years earlier, then, seeing as he’s 18 in the future, he would have entered into the body of his 6-year-old self. This would not have been helpful as he wasn’t even able to defeat Androids 17 and 18 as a teenage Super Saiyan, so how could he at a younger age? As a kid, he only has a power level of 50,000, while 18-year-old?Future Trunks is 3,000,000 when he’s not a Super Saiyan and 150,000,000 as a Super Saiyan. Third, even if Future Trunks could travel back 20 years instead of being restricted to 12 like Takemichi, Trunks would have ceased to exist, as he had yet to have been conceived on the date he needed to travel to.


  Time-traveling might have allowed Future Trunks to prevent horrible atrocities from transpiring in Dragon Ball Z and then, again, in Dragon Ball Super against Goku Black. But if the same rules that Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi Hanagaki must abide by when time traveling applied to him, then Future Trunks would have never been able to save both his and his past self’s worlds.

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