[new fortnite battle pass]Fortnite 3.22 Update Patch Notes

  Mack AshworthTuesday, June 29, 2021 Related Games:FortniteFortnite 3.22 Update Patch Notes

  The Fortnite 3.22 update patch notes have been revealed by Epic Games. The new Fortnite patch is currently rolling out across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It features one significant change that should be especially beneficial to Fortnite Crew subscribers.

  Fortnite 3.22 Update Patch Notes

  Fixed issue that prevented some Crew Members from proceeding past the Battle Pass “Claim” screen.

  It’s a short and sweet list of patch notes for the June 29 update. For those who aren’t subscribed to the Fortnite Crew monthly packs, then the patch is of little interest. However, for those who are subscribed and have been struggling to claim their rewards, this update should have now fixed it.

  This new Fortnite patch might not be anywhere near as exciting as the big content drops, but for those who were frustrated at not being able to claim the Loki skin and other goodies, it’s sure to be a big relief.

  For those disappointed by the rather lackluster patch notes, worry not, for Fortnite is constantly receiving updates that add new places to visit, new weapons to play with, and new characters to unlock. What’s more, they are usually deployed weekly, so expect a new patch to come soon.

  Here’s hoping Fortnite Crew subscribers don’t suffer any more issues with getting the content they have paid for.

  In other Fortnite news, the mothership’s movement appears to be hinting at the destruction of one of the named places. It’s looking like Coral Castle’s time is limited!

  The leaked Cowinator weapon is able to lift and throw objects at enemies. Take a look at this quirky special gun that will hopefully be added to a game mode soon.

  Got too many aliens on your head? Fear not, for this guide explains how to get the alien off your head in several different ways.

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