[Assassin’s Creed]Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft arms Dublin-based Vela Games

  Ubisoft Entertainment, the publisher of the Assassin’s Creed computer game franchise, has emerged as a investor in the Dermot Desmond-backed Vela Games.

  Ubisoft joined lead investor Novator Capital and existing backer London Venture Partners in a 14.1 million funding round, completed last month.

  The money will be used to further fund the development of Vela’s debut multiplayer online game, codenamed Project-V.

  Dublin-based Vela is headed by Travis George and Lisa Newon George, and has previously raised 6.1 million. Desmond’s IIU backed the Georges, who originally came to Ireland to set up Riot Games operations here, with seed funding and has invested over 3.2 million in the venture to date.

  Novator, headed by Thor Bjorgolfsson, an Icelandic billionaire, is taking up the lion’s share of the